30+ Years Experience, Tuning, Repairing and Building CB Radio Broadcast Stations! We are not just another Truck Stop CB Radio or mega store that carries CB radio equipment, we live CB, talk on it everyday and are part of the CB Radio Community!

We have thousands of Products NOT on our on-line store. Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you! Be sure to check out our Events page under “Community” in the menu!
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I want to thank Blitz for coming out to my shop and setting up a Blitz Black Venom and a BigDawg 8 pill in my truck. I would not trust anyone else to do it. He did it right the first time, now I can talk 20 miles out with no problem. Thanks Blitz!
2212 Speedy Gonzales
2212 Speedy Gonzales
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Thank you very much blitz for getting my old Royce base going again. I could not find a shop in my area and I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, that kind of service is not normal anymore. I wish more more shops acted like you!
Johnny Millis
Johnny Millis@username
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Great products, service, and delivery. would recomend to any and everyone. My purchase came to me just as he said it would will order again.
Jim Erhard
Jim Erhard
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Just got this little Classic GE from Frank Sellers over at Blitz CB Radios and More. What an awesome find. This radio is immaculate in condition, and talks like a parrot on a sunny day. Frank took great care in boxing it up for shipping, and communicated the whole way. What a Great Find (On the Blitz CB Radios and More) website, Great Price and Great Person to buy from. I had Frank work on a radio for me before and he did an awesome job. I would not have bought this radio from anyone else but him. I will definitely buy from Frank again..!!!
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