7 Best SSB CB Radio Reviews: High Power CBs

7 Best SSB CB Radio Reviews: High Power CBs

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best SSB CB radio for high power

best SSB CB radio for high power

If you are someone like me, I am sure that you are also desperate to get outstanding reception from a normal CB.

What if I tell you that there is a way around to improve this mediocre performance?

Yeah, you can get the best SSB CB radio which can give you three times better performance than the standard ones.

These high power CB radios will make sure that you can communicate fairly longer distances by making use of the sidebands.

With the use of sidebands and power three times that of AM CB radios, SSB equipped CB radios roughly give you three times the range of the former.

So, if you are looking for a way to get hold of a long-range CB, you are in the right place.

Before we start with the reviews of sideband CB radios, here is a quick look at our top picks:

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High Power SSB CB Radios

Product Highlights
Galaxy-DX 959: The Best

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Undoubtedly the best Single Side Band CB radio in the market. You are sure to fall in love with this radio for its GNF noise filter, Great range and an easy to use control system.
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB: Most Affordable SSB

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This SSB radio will give you the best value for money. Manufactured by one of the leaders of the CB radio market you will not regret having this radio for its great screen, amazing features and versatile compatibility with accessories.
President McKinley: Best Rugged SSB

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The Robust beast! This radio is able to withstand even the toughest condition. And if you are an emergency radio operator you would definitely love to have it in your bucket.
Galaxy DX-979: Smallest SSB

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Minimal yet excellent performance. The Galaxy DX 979 is perfect to mount on vehicles with a small room. The illuminated display and starlit faceplate won’t get you lost in the dark.
Galaxy DX 949: Customer’s Choice

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Loved by thousands of customers across the globe, you will love it too. The automatic SWR circuit and self-calibration will make your work much easier and hassle-free.
Galaxy DX 2547: Top Base Station SSB

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It’s in fact the dream of every base station owner. This great performer is heavy yet the best. You will find its design minimal. It has some great features like Dynamike support.

What is SSB CB radio?

An SSB CB radio is nothing but a CB which makes use of the sidebands. The best thing about this CB is that it offers you way higher range than the standard CB (AM) radios.

A CB radio with sideband possess the following features:

  1. The bandwidth of SSB is half than that of a traditional AM, so you will save a lot of bandwidth with SSB radio.
  2. It makes use of both the Upper and Lower bandwidths. Hence you will get a triple number of channels in the same frequency band.
  3. The efficiency of your radio will increase to a great extent.

Best SSB CB Radio Reviews

1. Our Best Pick: Galaxy DX 959

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Most hardcore CB users are the fans of this beast. Undoubtedly, Galaxy DX 959 is our top pick.

With this SSB CB, you will get an excellent range and a solid signal strength of up to 60dB. And guess what? It comes pre-built with Galaxy Noise Filter- the GNF. Tell you what, this GNF circuit will be your guardian angel to recover weak SSB signals.

Although you might observe that the screen of this SSB radio is quite old fashioned, it still does an amazing job. You will have no trouble to read your required information from its Five-digit frequency and Two-digit channel digital display.

The radio weighs just over 4 pounds and is ideal for setting up in a truck. So, if you are a truck driver this Sideband CB may be ideal for you.

The Eight good old-fashioned knobs will give you easy and total control of the radio.

The Galaxy DX 959 has been a top of the line product for 15 years. In fact, this is one of the best from the brand. And you would definitely love its solid performance, the loud yet proud transmission, and reception.

2. Most Affordable: Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB

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If you are looking for a perfect value of money, Uniden Bearcat 980SSB is the perfect option for you. On one hand it gives excellent performance and on the other hand, you can afford it at a great price.

You will get an antique essence with modern compatibility with this SSB radio.

It has a great LCD screen which makes it easy for you to read the data. And the hole control panel is presented in a nutshell. You can also customize your screen as per your taste.

Compared to our top pick, this one is a bit smaller in size. However, the small dimension of this radio will give you an advantage. You can place it in any type of vehicle as you wish. If you are looking for n SSB CB for cars and SUVS, you can choose this one with your eyes closed. In fact, we can call it as one of the best mobile SSB CB radio.

With this radio, you will never have to worry about emergency alerts. You can easily access the NOAA weather alert channels. Moreover, you will fall in love with its Active Noise Cancellation Headphones. The headphone will ensure that the background noise will never disrupt you again.

The Uniden Bearcat 980SSB is also a great versatile radio. You will never have to worry about what accessories are the best fit for this one. It apparently supports all types of accessories. Do you have an antenna and microphone from other manufacturers? No problem, you can use them perfectly with this SSB and save a couple of bucks.

3. Most Rugged SSB CB radio: President McKinley

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As a CB radio enthusiast, you are acquainted with its importance in an emergency situation. During natural disasters, a radio operator may fall under a compromised situation. It is in these scenarios the endurance of the radio is tested.

We can say that President McKinley is the perfect SSB CB radio in this situation.

As our choice of most rugged SSB radio, you will find this radio-ready to withstand even the toughest situation. So, if you are an emergency radio operator, or own a vehicle that performs duty on rough terrain. This one is the perfect SSB for you.

This CB works great with Jeep, Tractor and similar vehicles. It comes with a backlit LCD display and you will also get a great control panel.

The Military-grade endurance makes it the perfect companion in hard situations:

  1. It comes with dual S meter and dual clock, and you can take this extra advantage which is not available in most other radio out there.
  2. You will have the roger beep functionality here.
  3. You will also get a fuse as extra protection in the microphone.

You will also get the 12v and 24v support with President McKinley SSB at the same time. And extreme weather notifications? Yes, you will have them too with this great and robust SSB radio.

4. The Smallest SSB CB Radio: Galaxy DX-979

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Are you looking for something minimal yet very effective? The Galaxy DX-979 is your perfect choice then.

Weighing just around 4 pounds it is the perfect small SSB radio that you can set in any type of vehicle. The room or space available should not be a drawback here.

And are you worried that the smaller size may affect its performance? If the answer is yes then you are knocking in the wrong door. Because this does not come with an opportunity cost. In Spite, you will get great functionality.

You will get all the features like talkback, variable mic, etc. A range of 2 to 4 miles is possible to catch up with this SSB radio. Besides, you will not regret having this radio in the dark. You will love:

  1. Two-digit illuminated channel display.
  2. You will get the advantage of the Starlite faceplate. It will be always easier for you to mark the controls in the dark and use it without fail.
  3. A dimmer control is there for you to control the faceplate.

In a single word, you will just love this SSB with the minimal and solid design yet providing excellent performance.

5. Customer’s Choice: Galaxy-DX-949

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The verdict of consumers is the perfect reflection of a product. We believe the choice of so many users never goes wrong. And with this belief, we consider the Galaxy DX 949 as a perfect SSB radio for you. It is an SSB radio with a retro look and modern functionalities. And you will get all the features that a Standard SSB radio should feature.

You will get a two-digit yellow backlit channel display. It is powered by an automatic SWR circuit and so you will never have any issues while handling SWR. Besides a roger-beep will make your communication more convenient.

Like all other Galaxy radio, this one also comes with the Galaxy Noise Filter. So, active support in recovering weak SSB signals. The Galaxy Dx-949 has a self-calibration feature. You will feel it very handy during operation because it will save you from the hassle of recalibration.

You will not regret the high-quality Signal strength and clarity to a very long range. And the size of the radio is standard so you can mount it effectively in your desired vehicle.

7. Best for Base Stations: Galaxy DX-2547

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Do you plan to own a Base Station or have such a plan for the future? Consider Galaxy DX 2547 on your list.

This beast is just the perfect SSB radio for your station. It has a gigantic size and a massive weight of over 10 pounds. So, it is definitely not recommended for any type of vehicle. It has all the features that a base station SSB should long for.

You will get a two-digit and six-digit backlit channel and frequency meter.

Besides Galaxy believes in a minimalist approach and you will find its reflection in its design. There are 11 knobs present in its control. And each is assigned for its own task. You won’t have to go through a tiring menu and control panel to set up. An expert with this radio can operate it without even looking at the screen.

Your SWR will be automatically calibrated. This power-hungry beast supports both 140V and 240V power input. And with 4 pins Dynamike supported headphones and Dynamike support your communication will be seamless with this radio.

The Galaxy DX 2547 speaks itself. Its bigger dimension and performance remind of the word. With great power comes great responsibility.

Comparison of Top Single Sideband CB Radios

CB Display Weight Dimension Noise Cancellation Special Feature
Galaxy-DX 959 Backlit digital display 4.4 pounds 9.2 x 7.9 x 2.4 inches Galaxy Noise Filter. Automatic SWR circuit and SWR alert LED.
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB 7 colored- LCD display 4 pounds 3.5 x 15 x 8.5 inches Noise Cancelling Microphone Excellent Display
President McKinley Backlit large digital display. 3.85 pounds 10.6 x 8.2 x 3.2 inches ANL Dual Watch
Galaxy DX-979 No display (Two-digit backlit channel viewer) 4.1 pounds 9 x 7.2 x 2.5 inches Starlit faceplate
Galaxy DX 949 No display (Two-digit backlit channel viewer) 4.4 pounds 9.2 x 7.9 x 2.4 inches Galaxy Noise Filter Automatic SWR calibration
Galaxy DX 2547 2-digit channel display and 6-digit frequency display. 10.7 pounds 11.5 x 11.2 x 4.2 inches Noise Cancellation Available Automatic SWR calibration.

Buying Guide

high power SSB CB radios

high power SSB CB radios

Even the kids know there are two kinds of CB radios:

  1. The Amplitude Modulation or AM radio
  2. Single Side Band or SSB radio

If you are searching for the AM buying guide this article is not for you. You will find the basic buying tips for buying an SSB radio here. But, then again. Our buying guide may be generalized and standard suggestions will be provided.

Buy it for Long-Range Communication(not for Short distance)

SSB capability is one of the factors that decide the range of CB radio.

You will definitely not buy an SSB to communicate with your neighbor next door. We know that your main intention is communication over a distance. Now, talking about the distance the better range you have the longer distance you can communicate.

You will get SSB from 2 MHz to 27 MHz. If you are looking for a close skywave bounce go for the lower frequency, a high range skywave bounce will cost you more frequency. With 2 MHz you can have the first skywave bounce as close as 200 miles and with over 20 MHz the range is as high as 4,000 miles.

So, while buying the SSB keep a matter of frequency and range in your special consideration.

Choose the right RF gain and Power

You should observe and judge the RF gain and power closely while buying an SSB radio. The better RF gain your SSB radio will have, the better reception you will get. So, choose an SSB with excellent RF gain and you will get great sound quality.

The RF power is the exact opposite of RF gain. If you need to consider RF gain for the reception, you have to consider PF power for smooth transmission. While getting a high Power SSB CB, your focus should be on solid RF gain and power.

Stay safe with safety features:

SSB CB radios typically operate at a high power range than normal ones. Higher the power, the higher the chances of damages it can cause too.

You definitely don’t want to blow up your valuable accessories with power mismanagement. You can avoid this by getting CB radios with:

  • Antenna Warning
  • SWR meter
  • Power meter and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will an SSB CB radio transmit?

The range of transmission on an SSB radio depends on the Frequency. You will get a frequency from 2Hz to 27 Hz in various SSB radios.

A normal SSB CB radio can transmit from 15-150 miles range. As per FCC, you can talk up to 155 miles with SSB CB radios. But your transmission may get hindered due to natural cause and obstruction if the range is too long.

How many channels are there on an SSB CB radio?

All the SSBs can use the 40 Channels available in the AM modes. Along with this, these devices use 40 channels each on the Lower and Upper Sidebands as explained here.

How to use an SSB as a normal CB radio?

All the SSB CB radios can be used as normal CB radios as they are coming with AM features inbuilt. You don’t have to do anything about this. Just tune to the channel you want and listen

What does SSB mean on CB?

The acronym for SSB radio is single-sideband radio. There are different types of Citizen Band radio. You will find the AM and SSB as the most common ones.

The Single-band transmission model of the radio gives its name. And you will get the significant advantage of this radio over the traditional AM model.

When do I need an SSB CB?

You can use a sideband CB radio if you want to talk to a higher distance; typically more than 10 miles

What is the difference between PEP in SSB and traditional AM?

PEP stands for peak envelope power. And you will get 12 Watts PEP on an SSB radio, on the other hand, you will receive only 4 Watts PEP on an AM radio.

Such high PEP is possible on the SSB CB radio because this radio concentrates more signals into a smaller amount of frequency.


SSB or the single sideband radio is much more efficient than the traditional AM radios. This means you will get more convenience with SSB.

We have given you some of the best CB radios with SSB here.

I am sure that with these CBs in your vehicle or at home, you can talk to distances that are not reachable with a standard CB.

Let me know if you face any trouble with our picks. We are always glad to help you further!

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