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If I mod my radio will it still be clean?

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I think the appropriate response to that is, NO. If you exceed 100% modulation, cut the limiter and turn up the power you are deviating from the original design of the radio. Now having said that, if its a CB radio who gives a shit, no one will be able to tell listening to you on a Galaxy or a Cobra whether or not your signal and spectrum is clean. All these guys being critical of signals with their SDR receivers and fancy waterfalls are frustrated hams. For Christs sake there are stations bleeding 40 channels across the United States and you are worried if your signal is clean? If you are that concerned about it get a ham license and spend the money.

Tune your CB, run that power mic and flip the switches lets have fun, that's why you find so many hams on the CB radio and now they wanna bring that BS with them.

What kind of Conditions are my Conditions in?

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