Mid Atlantic Massacre Shootout and Meet & Greet!

Shootout Rules!

  1. Any battery cap bank, charging system, multiple alternator combination can be used but is not to exceed 15.5 volts at anytime during the competition or you will be disqualified.
  2. All clases including 1 vs 2 antenna combinations will be lined up with hot antennas.
  3. The hot antenna cannot exceed 12′ tall measured from the mount.
  4. Any size amplifier can be used can be used in any class as long as it does not exceed the pill count for that class.
  5. Amplifiers used for a pill class may not be in line with the input side of a larger amplifier. Pill class amplifier output must go directly to antenna.
  6. All winners will be called at the line by the line judge, all rulings are final.

Grudge Matches:

All Grudge matches are Run What you Brung or Swing what you Bring! Blitz Radios and BigDawg Amps will facilitate the line Judges and Watergates/Videogates. We will not get involved in any side dealings or winner pots.