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Asymod 6 Asymmetrical AM / Hi-Fi eSSB Modulator


Asymod 6 Asymmetrical AM / Hi-Fi eSSB Modulator



The Asymod 6 is compatible with mobile or base CB, 10 meter & HAM radio transmitters and transceivers.

The new Asymod 6 offers all the same features as the previous versions plus additional improvements and functionality such as better carrier stability, RF suppression, zero cross-over distortion and audio jumpers for quick configuration. Also, a Balanced Modulator auto mute function has been added. The Balanced Modulator auto mute function is needed in HF multi-band / multi-mode transceiver installations to remove the TX audio at the input of the Balanced Modulator while on AM, and allow audio to flow while on eSSB.

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Sound Pro mobile or base with the new Asymod 6, this compact unit will allow you to achieve the performance you’ve been looking for. With this setup you will save in time to come as there will never be the need to upgrade again. Having no audio bandwidth restrictions, you can project your audio to the world just as you master it. Simply set you audio roll-off points on your audio process chain. In addition to the Hi-Fi wideband audio, the asymmetry function adds loudness without distortion.

Recently added features to the Asymod 6 include improvements in carrier stabilization, crossover distortion, supply conditioning and functions such as eSSB auto audio mute, mode switching and on board jumpers to set audio routing configuration.

The Asymod compact design makes it ideal for mobile and base operation and allows for internal mounting and simple installation in the transceiver with the included hardware and only requires a 12 Volt supply. The Asymod expands the transmitter’s audio bandwidth from the stock 3 kHz to well over 10 kHz. On board preset active and passive low pass filters can be set to 6, 8 or 10 kHz roll offs. This allows for the entire selected audio bandwidth to be transmitted.

The asymmetrical functionality controls the audio loudness level and provides for amplitudes in excess of +300% modulation while not exceeding the negative peaks at -100% without the use of negative peak limiting or clipping methods which produce squaring of the modulation envelope and provides for increased spectral density. The Asymod is compatible with most transceivers and it is fully adjustable via the on board controls and accepts microphone and line level inputs. It offers the flexibility to use a stock hand mic to a high end processing audio chain using a broadcast microphone. This unit will work with all High Level Modulation transceivers by direct coupling to the driver and final’s collectors via the existing transceiver’s on board RF chokes without the need for a heavy, costly and large modulation transformer. Low Level Modulation transceivers will require some modification. Instructions for specific multi band HF transceivers is available upon request.

The Asymod produces modulation levels well above the norm and broadcast levels without distortion, allowing for your station to sound loud and clean. With the Asymod connected to your audio processing chain and a transceiver of your choice, your mobile or base station will sound just as or better than commercial broadcast stations.

To achieve optimum results and to make the most of the Asymod, adequate audio processing catered to emphasize on your natural voice is necessary.


Read through all related documents, including the Asymod FAQs and manuals to see the requirements for an effective Hi-Fi setup before committing to purchase. All sales are final and there are no returns. If the unit breaks, please send it back for repair. All repairs are free within the first two months after the sale.

We are not responsible for others selling copies of Asymod products using the Asymod name, oscilloscope images and descriptions. The Asymod II, III and IIIs have been discontinued and are no longer in production. Original Asymod products are manufactured by BluThunder Technologies and sold on this site, on www.asymod.am and on eBay by member Myspin and carry the BluThunder logo. “Asymod” is a registered trademark and may not be reproduced or used by any means or in any form whatsoever.

The transceiver/radio is only the exciter and should not be expected to generate high levels of RF power, it should be expected, however, to generate a clean, perfectly modulated wide-band Hi-Fi audio RF signal well within the limits of the headroom available without pinching or clipping at the crest or troughs of the modulation envelope which can be later amplified with a class AB, RF power amplifier and is best heard or monitored on a good quality receiver equipped with a 6 kHz AM wide band filter and monitored on an oscilloscope.

The Asymod is not an audio processor, but it does allow for full bandwidth control with the use of Pro Tools, a combination of rack gear, or a broadcast multi band compressor / limiter.

Audio processing and a high quality microphone is necessary for optimum performance.



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