RG400 M17/128 Coax Tuned Jumpers

RG400 M17/128 Coax Tuned Jumpers



Custom Tuned High Power Jumpers, Rated for 2.7kw at 30 mhz, very flexible and each one is built by hand to provide the quality you want and deserve!

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M17/RG400 ‘Select’ Types and Sizes
• Low Loss HF-UHF Interconnect• Wireless Base Station Interconnect• Tactical Field Antenna Feeders
Features & Benefits
• Meets all MIL-C-17 Requirements
• Good Shielding Effectiveness
• Low Passive Intermod (PIM)
• Readily available in Distribution
• Uses Standard ConnectorsM17/RG’s are traditional MIL Spec coax cables that were born 50-60 years ago. Originally created to support WWII military applications, these cables quickly became the products of choice for commercial wireless applications once they hit the surplus market, and continue to be used today.
M17/RG’s have been widely adopted for commercial and military applications. Their QPL stature insures a high quality product made to the same spec regardless of the manufacturer.
Some of the key characteristics of M17/RG’s are:
Shielding Effectiveness – in the 40 to 60 dB range and is acceptable for many lower frequency applications.
Phase Stable – not the best for phase stability by today’s standards but can be optimized by appropriate preconditioning over the temp range of interest.
Low Passive Intermod (silver plated types)

Attenuation (Loss) – not the best by today’s standards but is still acceptable for many applications.
Attenuation Stability – silver plated outer conductor prevents oxidation of the conductors thereby minimizing attenuation change vs time. Conversely, bare copper outer conductors may oxidize quite rapidly precipitating loss
increase which is only significant at frequencies > 500 MHz.
Power Handling – solid dielectric materials (high thermal conductivity) provides excellent power handling capability.
Temperature Range – broad operating temperature range.
Mechanical Properties – solid dielectric provides superior crush resistance and therefore is well suited for tactical applications.


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in
Approximate length:

5' to 7 ', 16' to 20', 22' to 32'


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Key Specifications
Generic Name RG400
Flex Type Flexible
Impedance 50 Ohm
Dielectric Type PTFE
Velocity of Propagation 70 %
Jacket Diameter 0.195 in
Jacket Material FEP
No. of Shields 2
Attenuation at 1 Ghz. 14.7 dB
Power, Max at 1 Ghz. 600 Watts
Frequency, Max 12.4 GHz
Max Operating Temperature 200 deg C
Center Conductor Type Stranded
Inner Conductor, Number of Strands 19
Minimum Bend Radius, Repeated 1 in
Coax Type Coax

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