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SHTF Scenarios, What Comm’s do I need?

SHTF Scenarios, What Comm’s do I need?

Are YOU READY for the collapse of society and how we communicate today?

A Country Boy Can Survive, well that’s true but to be efficient he still has to communicate. In this article I am going to run you through several scenarios and I will be presenting you with some real world use and applications of communications that may be outside the law. But lets be real if society collapses I am sure how and what radios are used is the last thing the FCC can or wants to enforce.

The FCC Likes to posture and threaten and bark loud, as in this recent memorandum but has rounded teeth and is playing against the odd’s.

While I am on the topic of the FCC, even though they may try to convince you otherwise they have no right to come onto private property. If you are a Ham Radio Operator and you deny them access expect your license to be suspended until you get a hearing, If you give the FCC representatives access to your station all you are doing is allowing them to collect evidence against you, how stupid is that?

(Not Legal Advice, do what you think is right or follow the advice of your attorney)

Just like dealing with Law Enforcement STFU, do not talk to them they are not there to be your friend. No good can come from talking to authority that is there to investigate you!

Do you think the FCC can control millions of radios in this country, they can only enforce the Law with your cooperation, otherwise do you think they would have to send out reminders demanding compliance?

The Internet is Down and Cell Towers have Been Damaged, Now What?

Unless you have a hobby revolving around communications like, CB Radios, Ham Radios, GMRS or FRS you are pretty much screwed on this front. 

But don’t fret you can change that almost immediately. It’s going to take a bit of learning and understanding, research and motivation. Owning a radio shop I see a lot of folks ordering the VHF/UHF Baofeng or similar radios and stick them in the corner with no concept of how they work or use them. Unfortunately this also happens with firearms, but I digress.

Let's Explore Your Options...

There are several ways to facilitate communications, the one I think would be most effective for contacting the most people is via CB Radio, the logic behind this is that more people or have access to a CB radio than a VHF/UHF or Amateur Radio type setups. You better be nice to those nerd CB Radio guys, they may save your ass.

While the internet is still an option you may want to do research regarding various accessible and used radio frequencies in your area. Some of these are:




Overview: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/personal-radio-services-prs-keeping-touch

Amateur Radio:https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-divisions/mobility-division/amateur-radio-service

There may be GMRS repeaters in your area that significatly expand the use of GMRS Frequencies and Range. Please remember that these repeaters are provided free of cost and may be unreliable in UpTime. I would suggest contributing to GMRS repeaters if you can, here at Blitz Radios we have one up that extends our range significantly and intend to use it as a neighborhood watch system. If you are in the Fredericksburg VA area and would like to know more about our GMRS Repeater please contact us at support@blitzradios.com

Learn What You are Doing!!!!!

I don’t expect you guys to become RF engineers and communication system designers, but it would be beneficial for you to learn, the frequency ranges, how different frequency spectrum’s work, some actually work better during the day than at night and vice versa, what a repeater is, encrypted vs. Clear comms etc.. Learn what repeaters are and MOST IMPORTANTLY understand that anything you say over the radio can be intercepted!

Lets quickly talk about the importance of understanding slangs and terminology of radios. A lot of the terminology is utilized in Aviation, Military, Public Safety communications equipment and discussions, so it should go without saying if you are versed in radio knowledge, like what squelch does than you can find yourself understanding how to use other equipment you may come across in a SHTF world. Get my point ;)?

Get setup today and start your journey learning about radios and how they work.Be ready to help others and stay in contact with your family during these times we are coming into, we do not believe it will get any better regarding the political and oppressive situation in this country. Venezuela coming to a city near you soon.

At Blitz Radios we are more than happy to assist you and point you in the right direction and get you set up! We offer radio programming and consulting services. If you or a group of friends are in the need of a radio service please reach out to us at sales@blitzradios.com 

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