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Tag - Propagation and Space Weather

Current sunspot cycle activity, space weather, solar storm and geomagnetic conditions and radio propagation forecasts

This page was rendered on 04-Feb-21 2115 UTC.This page was first created in 1998, by Tomas David Hood (NW7US)Current Sunspot Cycle 24 Activity and Space Weather Sun Spots: 11 as of 02/03/2021 :: 10.7-cm Flux: 74 SFU(SFU=Solar Flux Units)30 Minutes of Dazzling Sun! Ultra-high Definition 4k View An Intimate View of the Sun, Every Day of 2015 (Year 6 of SDO) UHD 4k Watch Five Very Intense X-class X-ray Flares Erupt, Back-to-back!(From the largest sunspot region in 20+ years...) Check out the X2.7...